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 Department of Computer Systems


Uman Vocational College

of Technology and Business, Uman National University of Horticulture

Department of Computer Systems

The development of computer technology, active and rapid penetration of new information technologies into everyday life - these are the factors on which is based the need to train specialists who are ready to confidently use modern tools for mastering information. Training of programmers is an important area in education, because the needs of the labor market in qualified specialists in software development, maintenance of computer networks are only growing. This prompted the management of the college in 2000 to create a department of computer systems, headed by Denisyuk Vitaly.

With the advent of the department began training specialists in two computer specialties:

- Computer Science;

- Software engineering

for full-time and part-time forms of education on a budgetary and contractual basis.

The department trains well-developed specialists in various sectors of the economy. Much attention is paid to databases: Microsoft Access, FoxPro, their design and maintenance. Languages such as Basic, Visual Basic, BasicScript, Turbo Pascal, Delphi, C ++, C #, PHP, Assembler are studied. In-depth work with office programs Microsoft Office -Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Students gain knowledge to work with Photoshop and CorelDraw software. They also study the architecture of computers and microprocessors.

The work of the department is provided by the cycle commission of computer disciplines, which employs a team of professionals, experienced teachers: OM Vichkan, L.Yu. Gorbonos, VG Ivashchuk, VV Kuzhel, NO Tsyaputa, IV Yarko, who are actively implementing new computer and information technologies in the educational process, widely use Internet-technologies, which in turn expands the information field for educational and cognitive student activities.

Disciplines are taught in eight computer classrooms connected to the World Wide Web and equipped with modern computer and office equipment. Constant updating of computer equipment helps to increase the level of professionalism of students. The best students of the college are involved in creating their own software development. Every year the students of the department are participants and winners of local, district and regional competitions, contests and conferences.

Words of gratitude for the high professionalism and skill of the teachers of the computer systems department can be considered numerous positive reviews from companies, organizations and other educational institutions where our students continue their studies. Graduates of the Department of Higher Education have the opportunity to be enrolled in the second and third year students of the most prestigious universities of Ukraine III-IV levels of accreditation: National Technical University (KPI), Cherkasy State Technological University, National University of Bioresources and Environmental Management of Ukraine, Vinnytsia University, Uman State Pedagogical University, Dnepropetrovsk National Mining University.

The extracurricular life of students is not left out either. Evenings of rest, KVN, health days, decades of commissions have already become a good tradition for students of our department. Circles of technical creativity, amateur art, sports sections and gyms work for all tastes and preferences. For the comprehensive development of the students of the department, excursion tours to the sights of our Motherland are organized and trips to museums and exhibition centers are conducted.

Today the department of computer systems

dynamically developing in accordance with modern requirements for the provision of educational services.

Teaching staff of the department


Denisyuk Vitaliy Valeriyovych

head of the computer systems department

specialist of the highest qualification category, teacher-methodologist

Participant of international scientific and practical conferences,

author of scientific articles, educational programs in the field of "Computer Science"

teacher of "Operating Systems"


Tsyaputa Natalia Oleksiivna

chairman of the cycle commission of computer disciplines,

specialist of the highest qualification category, teacher - methodologist

teacher of the discipline "Information systems and accounting technologies"


Vichkan Alexander Nikolaevich

specialist of the highest qualification category,

teacher of disciplines "Database Management Systems", "Numerical Methods"


Gorbonos Lyubov Yuriyivna

specialist of the first qualification category,

teacher of the discipline "Computer Architecture"


Beak Tamara Valentinovna

specialist of the second qualification category,

teacher of the discipline "Office software"


Ivashchuk Vyacheslav Grigorovich

specialist of the highest qualification category,

teacher of disciplines "Mathematical methods", "Technology of software development"

Kuzhel Vladimir Vitalievich

specialist of the highest qualification category,

teacher of the discipline "Informatics and Computer Engineering"


Yarko Ihor Volodymyrovych

specialist of the first qualification category,

teacher of the discipline "Object-oriented programming technologies"

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